How It Works

To prevent foot and shoe odor you must first eliminate the cause of the problem: bacteria.

On Your Toes works by killing the bacteria on the feet AND in the footwear...with just ONE simple safe treatment!


Why does it last so long?


On Your Toes' unique "Microfined" bactericide formula is absorbed into the pores of the footwear preventing further bacterial growth for a minimum of SIX MONTHS!


We are so confident of our product that On Your Toes is guaranteed to last at least six months, or with proof of purchase your money will be promptly refunded.


On our Toes does NOT contain ALUMINUM & is safe for children.


On Your Toes will treat SIX pairs of shoes or THREE pairs of sneakers---powerful enough to handle even the smelliest of sports shoes! & works in all types of footwear even fur lined boots!


No more embarrassment in the locker room! (or the bedroom!).


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