How Do I Use It

Treatment /Application.


On Your Toes treatment is a powder: the cap of the bottle is used as a measure - one capful per foot.

Apply to feet spreading it carefully over each foot & between the toes, take particular care on the soles where the bacteria resides.


Apply to the feet once per day for three days, either after a shower, or preferably apply before bedtime.

At the beginning of the foot treatment Two capfuls should be applied in each shoe; shake the shoes vigorously with you hand covering the top to prevent spilling the powder, this will ensure the interior surface is well covered & will destroy any residual bacteria. On Your Toes will remain active in the footwear for at least six months! Sometimes years...


If you wear sneakers or work boots daily we would suggest doubling the quantity in the footwear: four capfuls instead of two. The foot treatment remains the same.


Once you use On Your Toes you can forget about daily use powders or creams, & have peace of mind!


That's it for a minimum of six months protection. Guaranteed or your money back!